Monday, 23 July 2012

"Countdown to July 27" Diary: Day Two

Monday 24:

Just read that the film is to be reviewed by Mark Kermode on Thursday.
Thats going to be fun!


Went to see Batman last night.  Although that's another story...
I was looking at the amount of screens the cinema had and counted seven screens given to Batman. two for Spiderman, two for Ice Age and the remaining one to Magic Mike!

That puts getting cinema distribution into perspective a bit, especially as the next Hollywood juggernaut "The Lorax" rolls in this week as well.  Its a miracle we got on any screens!

I think I'll try and see it in a few cinemas over the weekend to get an idea of what its like to see your film in the local multi-plex.
Also, I think I'd like to try and organise some arts screenings, especially in Newcastle.
Its a shame that we couldn't get a showing in newcastle, as thats where the crew are based and where the film is shot, but it couldn't be helped.
Instead I'll look into ways of organising something myself perhaps.

I'm very lucky to have lots of friends who keep reminding me what a great week this is going to be.
naturally, my fragile mind is fixating on the scary bits, so its a welcome relief to hear other perspectives.

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