Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Countdown to July 27: Day Three

Tuesday July 24

Its premiere day.
I'm a very shy person so I'm pretty terrified, but of course, excited to see it all unfold later on today in Leicester Square.  I suspect I'll need a few drinks in me to give me a bit of confidence.

I was told by someone who called to wish me luck to make sure I enjoy it all and to focus on whether I was happy with the film.

That might sound like a cliche, but I really think thats true.  There is a bigger picture at play here.

Ultimately, I'm the one who has to live with this film in my career and in my life.  The film is something I created from scratch, so if I'm unhappy with it then its all for nothing.

I can honestly say I am happy about it, for sure.
I guess my nerves lie in the fact that its not the easiest film to watch at times, its very harrowing and emotional.  It certainly doesn't fit into the profile of British films, and I guess that will present its own set of challenges!

Similarly, Ive built in a very strong moral message, one I felt I HAD to make. Which perhaps some will find a little pious or worthy, but I feel very strongly that it needs saying and saying loudly.  

I stand by that decision proudly, and if one person pauses for thought after seeing the film, and puts down that knife, or considers that there may be another way other than violence, then I will have succeeded beyond any artistic or commercial endeavour.


Dee said...

Good Luck Dan. I'm sure it will be awesome and I am looking forward to it screening in Oz x (ps definitely have that drink!)

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