Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Countdown to July 27: Day Four

Wednesday 25 July:

Last night the car picked us up and dropped us on the red carpet at The Vue Cinema Leicester Square.
We walked into complete madness.
I was quickly ushered in front of a wall of paparazzi who flashed and clicked away making me fully appreciate the phrase "rabbit caught in the headlights".
They shouted at me to "look up, left, right, down, straight ahead, smile" etc etc and this went on and on until I could barely see.

Then the star of the film Ashley Bashy Thomas was thrust next to me and we stood and it all happened all over again.

I did my best to look cool, but frankly, when you're standing next to someone like Ashley you may as well just accept defeat.

After this I was ushered towards cameras and people with microphones where I was asked lots of different questions about the film, many of which were thoughtful and interesting questions.

The best of them all, was with the brilliant HEYUGUYS who are one of my favourite sources of movie news.

Here's the interview I did with them...

Once all that was done I was able to quickly say hello to the cast before the screening began.
After a brief speech the film began and I was pleased how the audience got quieter and quieter as the film progressed.
Afterwards the reaction was fantastic, and I was pleased and very proud to be told by many people how moved they were by the film.

This seems to the genuine reaction of people who enjoy it.  They seem to really become affected by it and the message resonates with them.

The final leg of the night was the after party.

I'll confess, this is not my favourite part, because I'm a filmmaker and not a schmoozer, but it was good to see so many people enjoying what we had accomplished and to say a personal thank you to a few very special people who not only made this film possible, but had also helped me throughout my career.

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