Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Feature film 2

I have just returned from filming of my second feature film. Normally I'd say what the name of it was, but frankly, we don't have one!
Suffice to say, it is a scary work of beauty. Shot with an edgy and arty feel, bringing Jason Arnopps terrifying script to life, to make sure horror fans get all the scary kicks they will rightly demand.

It was hard work. Very hard work. I was challenged beyond anything i had attempted before.
The film combines real human emotion and fantastic characterisation with some ambitious effects work.

I feel confident to say that we have something very very cool on our hands.
The sets, the photography, the performances and the location all combined to give the film a very unique look and feel.

I'm privileged to have directed it, and feel I have done my best work to date.

It's now time for post-production. An exciting time!

Hopefully, I will be able to reveal more about the film very soon.

For now, I am heading into pre-production on the next feature.
It's a life-changing year, that's for sure.

Dan x

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Anonymous said...

Well done! Looking forward to eventually seeing it.


Dan said...

Thanks Hayley.
I mean... Katy.