Sunday, 25 July 2010

Film making

A funny thing happened to me recently.
After my feature film The Man Inside was rescheduled back to September I was offered the chance to make another feature film!

The film in question, a horror, was a high concept piece and photography starts August 09!!!

When I say horror film, many people have an expectation of what kind of film it will be. And indeed, based on much of what Is produced, that expectation is fully justified.

However. Horror, to me is not shambling zombies, severed limbs and wise cracking sadists.
True horror, like masterpieces such as The Exorcist, are films that get under your skin. That shake you and terrify you. Films that stay with you as you lie awake at night. Films that send a shiver down you when you recall them.

I will write more about this film I am making when it's officially announced, but I wanted to make a declaration.

In setting out to make this, my aim is to make the best British horror film ever! That's not arrogant, but an intent. If I don't achieve my goal then so be it, but I have to aim that high as a filmmaker.

Grab your seats. I'm going to mess with your minds! :)

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