Thursday, 13 May 2010

Killing myths

I am writing this Blog after having the first pre-production meeting for my feature film The Man Inside.
It occurs to me that this sounds very grand and flash, and why even bring it up.
Well, it makes me sound jolly important, and as a media person that's all we care about. Sounding important. Because surely making films or tv shows is the most important thing ever, right?


I have a close friend who has a family member in hospital right now. The dedication, compassion and skill of those taking care of him is sobering and utterly inspiring and makes all this film talk sound like a lot of old wank.

Don't get me wrong. I love what I do, and grateful to have the chance to do it. Especially with someone elses money!

But it does annoy me when I hear and read people talking about media-related stuff like it's the "only thing worth doing" darling.

Excuse me. But fuck off.
Running around talking loudly about who you know etc and being a ghastly bore full of exagerated bullshit is really not something to be proud of.

I am very very lucky to work with and know a lot of people who are talented but don't feel the need to broadcast themselves and their work to the world at the drop of a hat.

It's kinda sad that people entering the industry nowadays are fixated on the cachet of being "someone" without actually having a creative bone in their body.
I refuse to blame reality tv because it's an easy target, and a wrong one. Believe me there are as many bores in drama and comedy.

So. You may ask why has Uncle Daniel gone on this rant?
No reason.
But.... I intend to call out some truths in forthcoming blogs and dispel a few myths too.

During the making of my feature I will be unflinching honest.

Should be fun!

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Mr Daniel said...

Oh, and...

7. Don't forget to drone on and on about how busy you are. Especially via social networking. But beware, people can do maths, and pretty soon your twitter to work ration will get rumbled.