Thursday, 29 April 2010

Movies and internets and stuff

If I could go back in time in this phone box I would probably tell myself to pinch more salt and not to take everything people tell you in the business so seriously. Would have saved a lot of sleep and a few stomach ulcers.

I am currently getting prepared for pre-production on a new film which is something I have written myself. It's probably the most personal thing I have ever made and I can't wait until we start shooting in August.

Despite all the false dawns and empty producer promises after my first feature I am now strangely grateful for the Teflon coating I now wear as I prepare for another movie.

Besides, life is too short to stress too much about it all.

As I type this I am also beaming with glee at the prospect of another web series which is literally behaving like a runaway train just like Girl Number 9 did. It seems to be developing and pre-producing itself all by itself!

Maybe it's alive!!!!!

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Helen Smith said...

Yay! Good luck with the new feature - and the internet one.