Tuesday, 20 April 2010

LA 2010

I hadn't been to LA for about 2 years, so it was fun to head back for the Streamy Awards (which James Moran covers in detail on his blog) and to meet some very splendid people out there.

Not much changes in LA, you're still hot when you are up for awards, and less so when you are not!

The level of BS remains reassuringly high, but being Brits, James and I often said things to people we really shouldn't which people found either a. Refreshing b. Unnerving.

We had some good meetings and I met a personal hero, a writer I respect, a producer I admire, and some very cool people all round.

As always, it's my duty to mention tantalising phrases like "exciting projects", "top secret meetings" and other assorted bags of shit.

Although, to be honest, they really are exciting, and by God, top bloody secret.

Sadly, my visit to LA was a little spoilt by an angry stomach ulcer which decided I should not eat all that yummy American food. Alas. I will return when cured to pig out accordingly...

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Steve Barber said...

Dan -
Just let me know when, we'll plan a return bout with the lasagna at Prizzi's.