Monday, 13 July 2009

Splendid - Screening reflections.

Before we begin, lets look at a nice photograph of Richard David Glover and Jason Arnopp enjoying a crossword.

Those two boys really do see the benefit of mind-stretching word games, and you can genuinely see the delight on their faces.

After this photograph was painstakingly staged and taken, we headed down to MPC on Wardour Street for the screening of SPLENDID, our comedy sketch show.

Fifteen sketches of silly and ludicrous fun, shot with love and a lot of dedication.

We deliberately set the screening up so that the audience had all our cast and crew, but also at least half were made up of people not connected directly to the show, and in many cases, not knowing anything about it.

We gave out feedback forms to those whose opinions would be more pure and not influenced by involvement or investment in the show.

I think, everyone who had seen the edit knew we had something special, but it's still another thing to show people the work and to hear the reactions.

Laughter. lots of sustained laughter. And, lots of smiling. People really enjoyed themselves watching it, and there was a feeling that people were watching something that made them happy, and took them to a new place. Which was just what Rich and I had also wanted.

After the screening we collected the feedback and listened to people talking and it became clear that we really do have something to be proud of.

It won't be too everybody's taste, of course, but I think we have made a show that will really put a smile on your face. And I'm dead proud of that.

I'm also proud of all the talent that went into it.
Everyone involved made an important contribution and the reason many of the sketches have so many layers, is that creativity was employed from script to edit and beyond.

We learned so much making Splendid.
In creating, shooting, editing... we learned how complex comedy can be. but also, how much fun it is too.
We also learned, and are learning, about the structure of a comedy sketch show, and how important that is.

I am excited to be involved in Splendid.
I feel so much pride for what we have achieved, and feel we can bring a lot more of this to a full series.

To everyone involved, thank you all so much for making it possible and being so brilliant.


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