Saturday, 1 August 2009

And now...

Hello there.

And now... some Splendid news.

Following the screening of the Splendid pilot, the team went back to the edit site for a final polish, and to plan for a few other little absurdities that will be part of the ludicrous
collection of sketches.

Friday July 31st, we shot 4 short sketches. All absurd, all have no point to them, or hidden meaning. They are quite simply ridiculous.
Which in Splendid language translates into - brilliant.

It was a mixture of a Greyhound Race track, with extras and lots of silly running around, complex special effects and fresh fruit, and 3 men dressed as dancing women.

A veritable mixed bag of stupidity, which will help us balance our pilot so we have 11 longer-from sketches and 8 silly quickies.

As Ive said all along, its a constant learning process, and despite the wonderful reaction we had at the screening we are all very committed to pushing ourselves as far as we can and making something that is as good as we could possibly hope for.

Next week will be our final day in the edit suite, and we will be laughing, debating and rolling around on the floor, throwing punches and fighting for what we individually believe in.

Comedy is a very complex and challenging form, and sketch shows are strange beasts, containing multiple stories and characters and different styles of humour. Some laugh out loud funny, some clever, some silly, and some more esoteric or surreal.

Right now, all the sketches we have made for the pilot deserve to be in the final edit. Which is a testament to all the talent involved.

Very exciting times!


Piers said...

Can't wait to finally see it in action...

Dan said...

Indeed sir.
Wednesday 12 August is lock day.
Will see if I can arrange some kind of screening ASAP.