Friday, 27 June 2008


Thats my term for a project that does not require the usual development/financing/casting type nonsense that most films go thru.

It is both a scary and a liberating prospect. Making a film with little else than good old fashioned hard work and enthusiasm.

So begins A.I.

It's a new project that ticks all my fan boy boxes.
The kind of film I would read about and HAVE to see immediately.

Scary. (tick)
Cool. (tick)
Thrilling. (tick)

I could go on...

So. I ask.
What makes a film a must-see?
Forget "cos it's got so-and-so in it" or "They say its supposed to be good", and forget "The Number 1 US smash"
What makes you feel the need to see a film?


Jon Peacey said...

I'm afraid it's an intangible: sometimes it's the director's name, sometimes it's subject matter, sometimes it's a feeling I get that I'll like it, sometimes it a 'thing' for the lead actress... and every now and again... I just like the poster!

I'm afraid I can't be more helpful than that!

Dan Turner said...

and thats why it's so difficult to make a 'classic' I guess!

Jon Peacey said...

Classic: a film where all the disparate elements come together in one glorious whole... even the ones that just shouldn't work!