Saturday, 21 June 2008

Getting out there

Being a filmmaker entails sitting in bars developing projects, working silly hours in cold places with a band of equally mad people, and sitting in an edit suite trying not to notice the prevailing 'man smell' that pervades the atmosphere.

So, I thought it best this year to get out and about a bit. You know. Meet people, have the kind of conversations that involve the human mouth rather than a keyboard.

So, I've lined up a number of festivals to attend and get my face our there a bit.
First up, the Screenwriters Festival in Cheltenham, then onto Inside Pictures which kicks off in July and continues on in November.
Then in August the Edinburgh TV festival.

It's not my strong suite, if I'm honest, all this meet and greet stuff, but as a wiser man than I said... "Where's the harm?"


Jason Arnopp said...

That "wiser man" sounds like a twat to me.

There's loads of potential harm at these events. You could die of multiple paper cuts from business cards. Or be beheaded by a hastily offered contract. Danger lurks, Mr Turner. Danger lurks. Yes.

Dan Turner said...

When is Ernie Wise turning up?

Jon Peacey said...

"Where's the harm?"

You might shake the hand of a man whose touch can kill!

See! I was paying attention at the back.