Sunday, 29 June 2008

focus, focus...

There's a constant battle that goes on in my mind.
What genre do I work best in? What medium do I work within? and on and on...
It's like you can never quite get a handle on what you are best at. Or is it a preoccupation that is even worth worrying about?
It would be wonderful to jump from film to TV and flirt with sci-fi, drama, comedy, whatever turns me on, depending on how good a script is. I guess the truth is that people want to know you for 'something'. To feel you are 'right for this'.

I guess it's true to say that my best stuff will be the stuff I get the most excited about, based on the energy I can invest in it.
I was once told that a director should be able to do 'anything' and invest the same energy regardless of genre or subject matter.

That makes me wonder.
It's like with X-Factor or Idol.
The contestants have to sing loads of different styles and prove they can turn their voice to anything.
And yet each show is looking for a 'unique voice' - kind of a contradiction.

When LOOK AT ME was screened someone said to me "it's very you". I was genuinely puzzled. What does that mean? What about it is very 'me'?

Maybe I have a unique voice, but can't see it myself. Scary!

Answers on a postcard.

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