Monday, 6 December 2010

Stormhouse update, and other animals.

Work on my new feature film: Stormhouse continues apace, in post-production. With our visual FX team working hard and brilliantly on a big list of Visual FX that will hopefully make the film even better than it already looks!
I could not be more pleased with the film, so far. The picture lock we have now (with temporary effects, music and sound) works brilliantly, so with all the other elements to be added, its very very exciting.
I won't say how great the film is, because thats for the viewer to decide, but I am very very proud of this film, and its lived up to all my hopes and wishes for it.
Usually, independent filmmaking is a risky business, with filmmakers rolling the dice to see if they can make a film, let alone get it distributed!
Thats what happened with my first feature, Experiment. It was private investment and a huge gamble for all concerned.
With Stormhouse, we had a Sales Agent at script stage. because of Jason Arnopp's cracking script. Thats actually pretty unusual, and a testament to the strength of what we had.
The sales agent visited the set as well, and after viewing a days rushes contracts were slapped on tables!

We are now in the very happy position of already having secured pre-sales, so we know the film will be seen. A terrific achievement for everyone involved.

Readers of this blog may wonder whats happening with my other feature.
We didn't start production as planned, due to some budget issues that have resulted in us actually increasing our roster of well known cast.
I can't blab about this too much, as its all a bit sensitive, but suffice to say, The Man Inside will be shooting very soon, and I suspect after a small set-back, we have actually ended up much stronger!
Watch this space...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan
Am dying to know the latest on
'The Man Inside' !! Great news
about Stormhouse !!
Hope to catch a drink with you and Dean before Christmas !!!!
Jane xx and hugs to your adorable pup !!