Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Signing off from Twitter

New year always brings resolutions. But this one I have been mulling for some time now.

I have had something of a curious relationship with Twitter over the last couple of years. Sometimes finding it fun, but often finding it a little worrying.

I think if you approach Twitter in the way Stephen Fry does, then it's enormously entertaining. But sadly, it often feels like the worst kind of bi-product of modern culture, obsessed with celebrity and self-indulgence.

I know some will argue that it's merely their musings and chatterings made public, but I can't help feeling it's also about presentation. A bit like reality tv played out in text. You only say what you want to present to people. Like a censored or sugar-coated version that does not offend.

There is also the clamouring for followers which folk on Twitter become obsessed by.
I'm especially not too comfortable with that side of Twitter.

So. I list my reasons above by way of explaining my departure from Twitter. An act, that in itself assumes someone out there actually gives a hoot!
I certainly don't judge others who enjoy Twitter. Each to their own. Its just not for me.

If I have anything to write publicly, I will use this blog for news on film and my work.

Have a happy new year.


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Piers said...


Does this mean you'll be blogging more often?

Anonymous said...

Ah ... so you're leaving the party just as I'm wondering if I should join in?

This is pretty much the story of my life.

Dan said...

Indeed Lord Beckley. I shall blog much more often! I'm a long-form kinda fella.

And yes Baron Phil. You try it. What's to lose?

Anonymous said...

You'll be missed on Twitter, Dan!

Please fill us with Life updates here on Blogger.

Godspeed, my friend!


rob said...

Hmph. *Unfollows*