Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hello Mum.

I still find blogging rather odd. The idea that anyone would read this and be remotely interested fills me with fear about my own narcissism and the sanity of others.
I gave up Twittering for this very reason.Because i genuinely have nothing Earth-shattering to report on a daily basis.
Now, now, Mr Daniel, you cry. You're being rather disingenuous, so do shut up, and just blog, or don't. Honestly!

Ok. Eyes down.

What's happening?

Splendid. All done. Finished. Complete. Over with. Line drawn under.
What happens now.
A 3-month promotion campaign that's what. Starting with one of those fabulous cast-and-crew screenings where Rich and I get to say thank you to all those people who worked so hard and made it all possible. I'd love to take sole credit for it all, cos it's so bloody brilliant, but sadly I have to salute other people for all their talent. Quite tiresome, I know. Not only are they talented, but they work jolly hard too. I mean... What's their bloody problem?
Let's just say, if there is a bit you like in Splendid, I would like to take SOLE credit for it right here, right now. Thank you.

About a month ago, when we looked at the final edit and saw what we had, we took the decision to not let any sketches air online.
It's simply too precious a commodity, and it's rightful place should be on the television.
So, there will be snippets and things popping up, sadly there will not be whole sketches. Until after any potential broadcast. We feel very strongly about this, simply because we are so very excited about what we have.

I will keep updating on the progress of Splendid for the benefit of everyone involved.

As to other things going on.

I hope to be able to reveal some news about the feature film I'm working on very soon.
I'm very happy to be working with a leading UK producer, whose just had a tidy hit on their hands.
I don't want to go into detail on the film yet, basically, because he'll mostly likely hit me quite hard around the head.

I have so many thoughts and things I want to write that I am going to be organized now and do a list. I love a list.

1. Are writers in danger of not writing real characters if they don't interact and mix with real characters? I know people will argue that it's the job of writers to use their imagination. But after 60 years or so of television and film, aren't our imaginations now being influenced by fiction rather than reality?

2. Comedy. Why is it seen as drama's rubbish cousin? Trust me. Comedy is as difficult, if not more so than drama. Once made, the demands of a comedy can be much stricter and purer than a drama. Does it make you laugh? No? Then it doesn't work. It's about time it was respected more at award ceremonies.

3. Cheese and Dogs. Very similar in my book. Individual food type and individual species. However, many many varieties, and all with very different qualities. I like both, very much.

4. I like Bakwell Tart very much. I am famed for my love of cake and puddings. But the Bakewell really is the queen of puddings. I could literally eat Bakewell until I popped. It really is extraordinary. However, if you attempt to put a cherry on top of it, I will destroy you *

Until next time.

* See, I told you I have nothing Earth-shattering to say. However, if you also like Bakewell Tart, please do get in touch.


Anonymous said...

"Are writers in danger of not writing real characters if they don't interact and mix with real characters?" Answer: Yes. I refer you to the work of Russell T Davies since 2001.

Your assertion that the Bakewell is the queen of puddings is inaccurate: that honour is of course reserved for Queen Of Puddings. What is your take on (a) Manchester Tart (b) Tottenham Cake and (c) the Brown Derby?

Dan said...

Re: Russel T Davies.
Harsh. Anonymous. V harsh.
But, your opinion is of course. lovely.

Manchester tart? - Looks nice, never eaten one. Please make me one.
Tottenham Cake? Will most likely under-perform next season. Again.
Brown Derby? how dare you!