Friday, 27 March 2009

Working with talent.


Thank you for the kind comments I've been receiving about the commentary that Clare, Johnny and I recorded for Experiment. It's good to know that it was appreciated. We certainly enjoyed doing it, and it brought back a lot of good memories.
I will leave the video stream up for a few weeks longer to give people a chance to view it without rushing, and hopefully will do more of this kind of thing on future work.

I start filming our first production day of Splendid next week. A one-off day designed to get all the cast and crew together and shoot a few sketches. It's very exciting stuff, and we have a brilliant team of people. Some of whom I've worked with, and others who I'm looking forward to getting to know.
After this, we will be returning in April to shoot the main 8-day production block for our pilot show.
It's going to be a really fun project, with lots of silliness and I must say, a wealth of talent in front and behind the camera. From the writers through to the crew and the performers, and on to the post production team. I am staggered at the level of creativity and enthusiasm. It's so heartening to see genuine talent and love of creative work.

In the media industry, as I'm sure you are aware, there are many people who can talk the talk. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Air-kisses, ass-kisses. People who shout to be heard, when a whisper will do.
We have all experienced that, and as you get older and wiser it becomes less annoying, and just a little sad.
Instead, you embrace tightly the genuine talent. The people who quietly and confidently offer ideas and moments of brilliance that take your breath away.
When a writer makes you laugh until you cry.
When a performer gives you a look, that makes your stomach go funny.
When an editor shows you an idea you never thought of.
When a designer throws you the craziest idea you've ever heard.
Those are the moments you realize that all is well with the world, and why it's important to fight the good fight to get all these people heard and seen.

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