Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Experiment - 'Special Cut' Commentary Available.


The exclusive commentary for the special version of Experiment is now available.
If you signed up for the "By invitation Screening" you will receive a password and web-link today.

The commentary features Producer - Clare Deacon, Writer - John Harrison, and Myself, the Director.

It's a lively and informative commentary, packed with anecdotes and behind the scenes gossip, as well as an insight into exactly what went into making the film.

The commentary is streamed with the video of the entire film, so you can follow the commentary track with the visuals in real-time.

If you haven't signed up yet, just mail me at: and place "EXPERIMENT EXCLUSIVE" in the subject.

To accompany this event the original press pack is also available for download, which has more information about the people involved in the film, and how it all came together.


UPDATE: March 20.

Vimeo are currently experiencing technical difficulties. The file is now ready, but they are working to make it available. Will keep you posted.D.x

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Dan Turner said...

Almost there ;-)

It is 99 minutes after all!