Tuesday, 9 December 2008

"Give me a valium... I'm getting the fear"

In a few days I'm going to unleash my new short film Big Mistake.
And for the first time in a very long time, I am absolutely terrified.

You see, this short is 5 minutes of pure drama. No music. No effects. No genre elements. No nifty sound effects or fancy camera moves.
It's just a small group of actors and a self-contained story.
So, if it does not work, in any way, then it's all my fault!

That all sounds rather melodramatic, and detracts from some of the brilliant work the actors, the camera department and the editor have done. Not to mention the copious and clever notes that my erstwhile script editor gave me whilst I was writing it.

What I mean, is that those raw elements on screen have to count. I can't point and say '"Yeah, but look at the funky eyes on the wall" this time.

I really hope people like it. The short film genre is an interesting beast, because it's a difficult discipline to master, and to be honest, is not entirely relevant in a world of features and 30-60 minute dramas.
However, it's a terrific place to learn new tricks, hone your craft and meet and work with new people.

I'll look forward to seeing what people think. I'll just be over there, in the corner, with a blanket over my head.


Helen Smith said...

Good luck with it xx

Lara said...

Well, I watched it and it really worked for me! Nice, tidy, little piece. Well done. Be happy not scared. x

Dan Turner said...

Oops. You are on to me!
You caught the early upload. Doh!
It's not supposed to be public until Friday (so the cast and crew can see it first)

I've taken it back down again ;-)

Lara said...

I will never breathe a word. What great film are we discussing anyway? ;-)