Tuesday, 23 September 2008

News and updates.

First up, LOOK AT ME, the short that Jason Arnopp wrote, and I directed, earlier this year has been selected at the International Horror and Sc-Fi Festival in Phoenix. It's a fabulous festival, extremely well-attended and always attracts some splendid guests there. We're very pleased about that I must say.
Also, the film has been selected at the Angel Moving Image festival which plays from Friday October 03, if anyone fancies popping along to Islington to take a gander.
I am also in the throes of final negotiations on distribution of the film too, which is really good news for a short film.
With this in mind, I'm also doing a new cut of the film with non-copyright music, but also taking advantage of the situation to do a new darker cut of the film with a completely new score and new edits (Yes, it's getting EVEN darker!).

In other news, I'm teaming with the ridiculously charming and talented Richard Glover on a brand new project, and we are looking for comedy writers.
Nothing too formal at this stage, just a little wave out there to all the people who 'make with the funny'. If you want to find out more email me directly on info@dan-turner.com

Finally, thank you to everyone who sent in a short script for me to take a look at over the last few months. I really enjoyed reading some mighty fine work, I must say.
At this stage, because of budget constraints I'm not able to use anything that was sent thus far, but I am very grateful for the submissions.

I hope to have some more news soon on the feature projects and more, so keep em peeled...

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