Friday, 23 September 2016

Reflecting on Raindance.

I write this as I head into London for the UK Premiere of Learning to Breathe on a sunny evening in September.

What a journey its been with this film!

Shot two years ago on the beautifully untouched Island of Tobago. A small team of dedicated filmmakers battled power cuts, water shortages and blistering heat to shoot a script that I’d written from the heart. And then some.

It was a gruelling month of shooting, with the crew going above and beyond the call of duty to make a film that really had no right to be made in those kind of intense conditions.

Incredible to reflect on that period and wonder how we actually did it.

One thing is for sure. There were friendships and bonds made during that time that will exist for all-time.

After a relatively peaceful couple of weeks shooting in London, the film went thru a lengthy post-production process and was delivered almost a year ago to the incredibly supportive sales agents - Shoreline Entertainment.

Sadly, it was around this time that I had to take a major step away from filmmaking and the film was only entered into less than a handful of festivals.

How gratifying then, that the film should be selected by Raindance, the biggest Independent Film Festival in Europe.

Gratifying, because I carry a certain amount of guilt about not being able to properly support the film after its completion, and give it the send off it deserved.

I can now watch with immense pride as those who worked on the film can bask in the accolade of being selected for such a respected film festival.
They really deserve it.

For my part, I’m pleased the film has got this kind of recognition.
It was a troublesome film, when all is said and done, and the fact its emerged unscathed is worthy of celebration in itself!

Right now, I raise a glass to Anna, Alice, Jamie, Ruthie, Laura, Rich, Jane, Piers, Mark, Phil, Morris, and all our friends in Tobago and London who made the film possible.


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