Friday, 27 February 2015

Learning to Breathe - A labour of love

Its nearly March 2015, and we shot the film back in July through to September 2014.  Thats a long time!

The post-production journey of this film has been a little more complicated than most, but I'm happy to say that the end is very much in sight, and the film will be finished within the next two months.

As I write this update (something Ive not done for a while) I am about to watch the new cut of the film.
I was lucky enough to be able to hand over editing duties to the editor of my last feature film, whom I trust implicitly with my material.
I approach the viewing with some trepidation, but mostly excitement to see what he has done with the material.
Earlier cuts of the film revealed that we did indeed have something special on our hands, but I was really happy to be passing the film to someone who I knew would bring that extra bit of magic to the film, taking it to another level.

The coming weeks will be all about refining the film.  Finalising the soundtrack, including the composed music by Laura Rossi, and a collection of songs from musicians from UK, USA and Trinidad!   Our wonderful actors will be recording songs too, and polishing off some of their dialogue. Foley will be recorded, sound effects created and it will all be mixed to create a unique world that we have all created.

Whilst all the sound elements are being refined, the picture will be graded, taking our lush Caribbean landscapes and making them pop on the screen, and making our principle characters look even more gorgeous!

Along the way there will be a test screening, which will help answer any clarity issues with the story.
Its not my favorite part of the process, by any means, but its an essential one, because everyone involved in the production either knows the script/the personnel or even just "likes" us.  So, its important to strip that away and have a theatre full of people not connected to the production who know nothing about what they are about to watch, to view the film "cold".
Only then, can you objectively say that the film makes sense!  Or at least gauge whether its working.

I can't wait to show everyone the film!


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