Saturday, 15 February 2014


I'm going to overlook the huge gap since i last blogged and dive on in.

The last 8 months since the last entry have been full of stuff.  Best I keep it that vague.
I prefer to be positive, and thats what prompted this blog entry.

I find myself fighting a persistent mystery illness that threatens to curtail my filmmaking, but due to my innate stubbornness I'm going to carry on anyway, even if someone has to prop me up on set!

I'm shepherding two movies to the big screen at present, one a much bigger one that I've ever been involved with before, and is now part of a much greater machine than me, with exec producers and all that lark, so its journey will take a little bit longer.  But that's okay.  
Inevitably, those are the kinds of films you can't talk about without press releases etc, which I'm not really a fan of, but I understand the sensitivity involved.
If I were to say something about Kate Winslett it would annoy the grown-ups, wouldn't it?

The other film is another personal labour of love that takes me even deeper than The Man Inside (if thats actually possible).
This one shoots very soon and will be the first film in a long time that I will also shoot myself.  Meaning, I will operate the camera myself.

Whilst making The Man Inside I found myself wanting to be even more part of the process.
Quite often, you sit behind a monitor or stand offset with a portable monitor, and then you interact with the actors after a take.

I decided for this next film I wanted to get closer, and that meant going back to my roots and getting right in there with the camera myself.  making it an extension of me.
In many ways it means I won't so much be directing, as closely collaborating with the actors. 
Able to establish an intimacy, so that we are telling the story together.

I find it all very exciting. The idea of exploring new ways of filmmaking, and breaking down the barrier of camera and emotion, so there's a real purity to the storytelling.

The film is called Learning To Fly and is being shot in Tobago and London this summer.

I'm looking forward to sharing more about this film soon.

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Mac McSharry said...

Good to see you back. Best of luck with the new feature. I need to follow your example and resurrect my blog!