Monday, 9 April 2012

The Man Inside: Update April 2012

A lot has happened since the last time I updated this blog, the most exciting of which is that I finished and delivered The Man Inside to the distributor.
It was quite an emotional time to sign off all the picture and audio elements and see them combined for the first time.
Seeing your film in all its fully graded glory with a surround sound track is the stuff of dreams, and still gives me shivers. I've always been a lover of film technology and the thrill of the cinema experience has not diminished since that Star Destroyer flew over my head when I was nine. So, to have my own work up there is still incredibly exciting.

It's a strange feeling to hand over your film to the distributor. After such a long journey (almost four years) it feels like letting go of your baby and entrusting it to someone else.
Thankfully, from what I've seen from the distributor so far the film is in safe hands. They have great plans for the film and I'm really excited by all their plans for the UK release of the film. It will definitely be my biggest film release so far.

Next will be all the cast and crew screenings, press screenings and PR and marketing as we get ready for a summer release of the film.
You can get a small taste of whats in store from this interview I did with some of the cast on SKY's 35mm show:

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