Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Man Inside - Truly "script to screen"

This will be my third feature film, and one of a long line of films in general, made over 17 years.

In my filmmaking history, I have managed to get one script completely on screen from its shooting script.
Time or budgetary restrictions often mean compromises of some kind, and its up to the director to think on their feet and make the best of it.

What you will see on screen for The Man Inside is what was on the page.
In fact, I ended up trimming out a few elements in the edit as they were superfluous (a luxury!).

I fought very very hard not to compromise the script I had written. I planned and prepared very hard and very carefully to make sure the story I had written would be fully realised visually.
If anyone, along the way, suggested an "easy option" I aways shrugged it off in favour of striving for the complete story.

So, thats what ive got now.
As we reach the last few weeks of post-production I am excited to see the film becoming polished into something even more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.

Being mostly biographical means that the film is very much an authors piece.
I really will have to live or die by this film, as it not only represents me as a filmmaker but also as a person.
I've been very hands-on in every element of the film. From costume colours to lens sizes and props, through to the edit and to the music. I've made sure every element is an integral part of the storytelling.

Every minute of the final edit is exactly the story I wanted to tell. Every moment of screen time is carefully thought out and structured to have the maximum impact.

It is truly a labour of love, and one that fills me with pride.

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