Friday, 9 September 2011

The psychology of filmmaking.

Editing on The Man Inside is drawing to a close, with just two days left before I have my first cut to present to the producers and distributors.

It will certainly be my longest film, that's for sure.

It's usually at this point that I should be making all sorts of noises about how wonderful it is, and how its the best things I've ever done etc etc.
But the problem is, that when you've just completed a project that's pretty much what you always say.

The mind is a funny thing. You can convince yourself that a piece of work is the best you've ever done for many reasons. Possibly, the relief of it being completed, or simply the fact you "want" it to be good, so you convince yourself that it is.
Same goes for cast and crew. When they see a screening of the film, their desire for it to work/be successful etc overrides the truth of whether the film is actually any good.

Years later, of course, you can watch a film more objectively and make a better decision.

I've promised myself, on films I make from now on, that I'm going to keep how I feel about a film to myself and let others judge it.
That's not to say, I won't still have feelings about it, but I just wont express them. Or I will be cautious and thoughtful about it.

We all do our best when we set out to make a film, and quite often you feel its your best work... until the next one comes along and then "that's" your best work.

Psychology again!

So, now. I'm keeping a lid on it.

Is the Man Inside any good? I hope people will think so.

Meantime... the edited film will be handed over to the sound department, the composer and the online department for it to be finished off.

Give it about two months and we can start talking about what people actually think of the film.

For now... I'm going to write another one.

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