Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The creative process.

I'm sitting in a grading studio in East London, observing a man applying his magic to Stormhouse, my imminent feature film.

It's literally days from finishing now, and I'm getting excited to unleash the film on the world.

These last few weeks have been very interesting, as I had some last minute ideas for the film which I've incorporated into the final edit.
Most sound and online facilities take a very dim view of such last-minute tinkering, but I've been very lucky that they have all incorporated my changes and performed some late miracles.

Making films nowadays is a more flexible process, with so much being in the digital domain.
From shooting through to delivery, the creative process can be in constant flux.
You often hear about reshoots or pick-ups for a movie on film websites like it somehow implies a crisis or a problem, when the truth is that as filmmakers the process of shoot, edit, deliver is no longer a valid workflow.

Instead, film has to be thought of as a work in progress until it's finally handed over to the distributor.
It makes sense perfect sense really, because it would be foolish to slavishly follow an old system established at the birth of film, when so much has changed technologically.

My feeling is that if the film is in post-production and I wake up with an idea that could enhance or improve the film, why would I ignore that?
Which is kind of what happened about a month ago when some ideas begun to flat around in my head. They nagged at me and bugged me, until I had to act upon them.

Now those ideas have made it in to the film, i can't imagine the film without them.

I love the process of trying to find ways to improve every moment of a film until someone tells me to stop!


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