Sunday, 17 October 2010


Hello again. As I write this I find myself in the rather bewildering process of overseeing post-production of the horror feature, and finally entering into pre-production on my long-cherished feature 'The Man Inside', which shoots the end of next month in Newcastle!
I'm looking forward to sharing lots of info on TMI, as, unlike the horror feature, it's more public-domain stuff.
I wrote TMI almost 2 years ago, and it's had a bumpy road to production, with one of the main funders going under rather unexpectedly a few months back. But luckily, the strength of the project saw another backer quickly take their place.
I'm looking forward to shooting in Newcastle. It's underused as a location, and has some stunning architecture and a real diversity of old and new.

It's a really strange business. After the flurry of interest after my first feature back in 2005, I have had to wait another 5 years, and then I get 2 films in one year! Madness!

If you were lucky like me to get interest in your first film, it's worth being very cautious about all the offers and promises you will get. Especially in LA.
People will look you in the eye and tell you how wonderful you are and make the kind of promises that make you go out and buy champagne.
My advice is to take a bucket of salt with you.

Cautionary tale aside, I'm rather excited at finally getting to make my passion project, and with the biggest budget I've had to work with this far.
I'm still pinching myself that I can write and direct something about a subject close to my heart, and someone wants to pay me to let me tell the story!

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