Friday, 12 February 2010

Girl Number 9 - The aftermath


It's about time I actually wrote some thoughts about Girl Number 9, now this incarnation of it is complete.

At the time of writing, we have secured a distributor for the web series, and as soon as I can update with more news I will. Suffice to say, Girl Number 9 has made a big impression and you'll be seeing a lot more of it!

For those of you who don't know, Girl Number 9 started with James Moran and I in a cafe in Soho talking about what we could work on together. We'd already decided we wanted to work together somehow, and on that day we agreed what it would be, and how we would do it. 4 months later and we were on set at Elstree Studios actually making it!

During those 4 months we had somehow got a brilliant script, fantastic actors and some incredible producers and a film studio who believed in us.

It was a bit like James and my private little joke had got out of the bag and suddenly it got all serious and big.
Before we knew it, we were on GMTV, SKY TV, BBC, RADIO 2 and on and on... It really caught the medias attention.

The bottom line, however, was that we felt like we had created something pretty special.
Everyone says that about their project, of course they do. But with Girl Number 9, people kept telling us!

I remember the day we showed Torchwood composer Ben Foster Episode One. James and I cowered in the back of the edit suite as Ben sat and watched. What if he hated it?
At the end, he turned with a huge grin and said "when can I start?"
And boy did he start! His score was extraordinary.
If you bought the DVD you'll know just how amazing it sounds in full stereo.

Working with James was one of those rare working relationships which was fun, effortless and so rewarding. We pushed each other and fought for each other. i think during the entire 6 months or so we probably had one disagreement, and that was during the most stressful time, and was over in minutes.
Most of the time we thought and spoke as one, and without ego or agenda.
I'd work with him again. Oh wait... I am. But that's another story....

When you watch Girl Number 9, the first thing that strikes you is the incredible production value.

This is a crew who pushed themselves to their limits and smiled every working day.
I don't agree with stressful sets, what's the point? We are making movies!

When Girl Number 9 was first aired in it's limited edition run during November we were blown away by the reaction from fans and press alike.
There were a few cynics, but they came round in the end. especially with James and I leaving death threats in their post-box.

So. We have 27 minutes of thriller under our belts now. Shot in 3 days and with an awful lot of good will and support.

The next chapter of Girl Number 9 is another day and another blog. But it's definitely not the last you will hear about it!


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