Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Splendid: Pilot - Production Diary Part 2.


We stayed in our suburban backdrop to film our next two sketches: Visiting Mother and Strange House.

The first sketch was extremely technical and took about 75% of the day to accomplish. I ended up drawing out a very complicated diagram so i didn't overlook any coverage. there were many elements needed to sell this more complicated sketch.

I would talk more about it, but it's a very unique little concept that would be ruined by talking about it prior to screening it, so for now: trust me. it's very cool. Or, perhaps the complete opposite.
Suffice to say there were practical special effects and a big make-up and costume job.

I also found myself approving toy aircraft's throughout the day, and displaying my first "difficult director" tendencies. But all in the name of art. I promise.

As you can see from the photo above, Hayley Jane Standing, who plays Doris, looks fab as an older housewife and we had a lot of fun watching her deliver a knock-out performance.

Later in the day came Strange House.

This sketch had been talked about for a long time between Richard and I, and I really wanted to make it special, visually. We put a lot of work into giving it a very different look and feel, and I'm very excited how it turned out. It's very surreal and very unusual.
It was the first sketch where I could lift myself away from the words and just play around with ideas and jump up and down and get excited.
It took a lot of work by Rich Swingle and myself, but it's a lovely sketch. And the best part of it, was that it was only Part 1 of the sketch. there was more to come.

So, Day 2 ended, with the promise of more fabulous weather to come on the next location - the farm.
Our biggest. most dangerous, and most expensive stunt awaited us, and we were very nervous about if we could pull it off.

Find out if we did, on the next installment!

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