Friday, 6 March 2009

Commentary exclusive!

Since writing the previous blog about Experiment, I've been putting a few things in place to make a special commentary available.
Due to contractual issues I cannot make such an event publicly available, but I can make the commentary available online, streamed with a new cut of the film, by invitation.
The brand new cut of the film, with commentary will be available in the next few weeks, for a limited period.

Anyone interested in watching the film with the commentary track should send an email to me at with the words 'EXPERIMENT EXCLUSIVE' in the subject of your email. In the next week, or so, you will get a web-link and a password, which you can use to access this exclusive feature.
I hope to be able to provide you with a fun and informative commentary that will hopefully be of help to other filmmakers, but mostly give an entertaining look at what making a film like Experiment is all about.
My favorite commentaries are not so much the back-slapping and waxing lyrical kind, but the warts-and-all style of commentaries. that's what you'll get. No holds barred!

Finally. Saturday night sees Look At Me playing at the DC Independent Film Festival. You can get details here.

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Dan Turner said...

oops. first email link posted before 17:50pm today was a typo. It's now fixed. D.x