Saturday, 31 January 2009

What's happening?

Has it really been over a month since I last blogged here? That's amazing.
Let me do a wee bit of housekeeping before I launch into a flurry of words.

Firstly. The blog for 2009.
I've reflected on what worked and what didn't, in the various blogs I posted in my virgin year of blogging.
I think I'd like the blog, this year, to be a mixture of fun and info, and I'm going to dispense with the more educational aspects this time around. I think other resources cover the 'How To' far more eloquently and usefully than me, so I'm going to do news stuff about what I'm up to, and also more fun blogs about film and TV, and my continued love affair with them. Not just making stuff, but about being a fan too.
You'll often hear people in the business saying they never watch TV, like it's some kind of dark mark upon them. Tish and fibble, I say. It's about the joy of it too!

So. To this latest blog, and I'll kick things off for 2009 with an update on projects and happenings.

Firstly, there is SPLENDID.
A sketch show that I am working full-tilt on at the moment.
I've always wanted to be involved in a sketch show that contained the anarchy of Python and Spike Milligan. The idea of being silly. Well, for the last six months that is exactly what I've been doing.
I was joined on this adventure by comedy writer/performer Richard Glover, and we put together a diverse team of writers, including the ludicrously lovely Piers Beckley, the divine Sarah Louise Morgan, and the gorgeous Jason Arnopp, who would contribute sketches. We've been meeting each month and putting forward our sketches for the group to democratically vote on. We've got some brilliant stuff now, and in March we will shoot a pilot episode. I'll be posting more updates on SPLENDID in the coming months.

I am also about to go pre-production on a feature film called LIFEJACKET. Yes. You read that right. I'll be blogging more about this project in the months to come...

2009 will see BLOOD RED SKY move forward towards production. Reaction to Jason's last draft was incredible, and rightly so. It's a wonderful piece of work, and the kind of film I would queue up to watch myself, let alone make.

Speaking of Jason, I received a note yesterday to say that our short film LOOK AT ME was selected for the Washington DC Independent Festival playing in March. That's great news for us, and rather a shock, as it was pleasantly unexpected.

The short I completed in December 2008, BIG MISTAKE, has been submitted to a number of more carefully chosen film festivals, so fingers crossed. Industry reaction to it has been very positive, and the comments I have had have been particularly pleasing, because they have highlighted the very reasons I set out to make it. Namely, a short character-based piece with no gimmicks. I'm very pleased with the film indeed.

I'm keeping myself very busy this year, with my long-cherished pet project LEONARD AND THE CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE finally being committed to paper. If I had one film I had to make before I expire, that's the one!

Other stuff that's happening...
I'm delighted to be producing Lara Greenway's short film for Screen East. Head to her BLOG to get the lowdown on that one.

I'd also like to point you to Danny's Stack's BLOG. Danny is beginning his first short film adventure, and I'm certain it's going to be brilliant. I would recommend stopping by and supporting Danny.

It's been reported elsewhere, but I'd like to add my congratulations and support to David Lemon's Faintheart. Produced by the extraordinary force of nature that is Arvind Ethan David , this film demands our support. Films like Faintheart have to scream to be heard above the Hollywood avalanche. So listen very hard, there are gems like this to be seen!

Finally. Some small bites of loveliness.

I finally caught Wall-E the other week and it's made me look very silly for saying "I don't really like animation". Its a beautiful piece of work, and I'm delighted Pixar have broken out of their usual fare to offer something more esoteric and wistful. I have the Blu-ray and it is jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
On the flip side of that film, I have been stepping back in time to 1963 over the last month, as I join a party of fellow travelers on our mission to watch every episode of Doctor Who in order of transmission. Watching the pulsing screen of Black and White on my television for a few hours each week has become a wonderful little pleasure, as I discover these gems for the first time.

So, that's me.
Good luck for 2009!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for a wonderfully open and optimistic blog Mr Turner. Thank you.

rob said...

Wall-E took me by surprise also. I hadn't been particularly interested in seeing it but watched it with my wife.

High concept sf in multi-million dollar mainstream animated film?

More like that please Uncle Walt!

Mr. Splendid said...

Thank you Anonymous. Enough doom and gloom in the world I think. So where's the harm?

Rob. I was getting fed up with the whole cute character on a quest with token funny sidekicks type thing.
It's extraordinary to think that for the first half of Wall-E there is no dialogue! How brave, but brilliant.

Anyway, get away with you. You're supposed to be watching Doctor Who! :-)

David Lemon said...

Bless you Sir and best of British with 'Splendid'. Would love to see how it turns out. I've been thinking about writing sketches myself but I really think collaboration is the only way to go. After all something that makes four or five writers laugh has a lot more chance of amusing total strangers...

Dan Turner said...

Hi David.
Thanks for the note on Splendid.
We are all very excited about it, because... well, basically, it's nice to laugh and be silly! Forget your demographics and skewing audiences etc. Silly is good ;-)