Thursday, 4 September 2008

Why Blog?

People (those things you see walking around outside your house) often say to me "Why do you BLOG?", as if I'm committing some dark act, or being quite silly and must desist from it.

I Blog because I like to. But also because it's also about being part of an ever expanding family of fellow creatives who Blog in often weird and wonderful ways.
Writers especially are entertaining in their Blogs. Often their personalities shine through, and it's like having access to their creativity for free! (Hmmm, maybe I should paste together a load of Blogs and make a film?)

You also get to find out stuff you didn't know about, (and 'stuff' is good in my book), and also keep in touch with people and join in on discussions.

This all makes me sound like an old man waking up to some 'unknown youff thingy', but I think I'm just in awe of many of the Bloggers who I read on a daily basis.
I think producers could do a lot worse than go looking for new talent across the Blogiverse (I just made that up - am I youff now?)
And of course, with the Blogs of writers, you'll never find a more joyous celebration of grammar and syntax, in a world where people abbreviate, hyphenate and, for the love of God, misuse the humble apostrophe.

Here is a random selection of Blogs from the growing community of Bloggers who I have come to love and admire...

Danny Stack
Stuart Perry
Piers Beckley
Elinor D. Perry-Smith
Jon Peacey
Helen Smith
(TV's) James Moran
Jason Arnopp
Glenn Upsall
Dominic Carver
Martin Adams

If I missed anyone out, please write to me and abuse me soundly.



Helen Smith said...

Love you too, Dan xx

Piers said...

Come on Dan - you ought to add Jason's blog to the list.

It's quite entertaining, really.

Dan Turner said...

Helen: Thank you! lots of love to go round.

Piers: nahhh. Its a dreadful bore. ;-)

Glenn Upsall said...

Ahhh!! Dan the Man!!!

Thank you kindly for adding 'little old me' to your list of admiration.

Of course, that means i will actually have to go and WRITE something now!!! ha.

Oh, yes. Can you apologise to Mr. Arnopp on my behalf, for my constant over use of the humble exclaimation mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ta, matey!!

PS. I have informed all my internet buddies of your 'Viral Experiment'....good luck!!

Stuart Perry said...

I feel humbled to be in such august company. Thank you, Dan: I love your blog too.

Dan Turner said...

Thank you Glenn. I'll let you know how the experiment goes!

Stuart: Why ARE you so mental?

Elinor said...

I'm feeling the love, Dan. xx

Dan Turner said...

I have so much love to give, that I fear I may EXPLODE.