Sunday, 13 July 2008

Updates, and about time.

Good day to you.
About time I put some updates about myself and the wacky world of film.

Firstly. News that Look At Me, the short film we made earlier this year has been shortlisted as a finalist at the INDIE GATHERING Film Festival in Ohio. It's in the Horror category.

Spanky is coming back into focus at last, with the film now budgeted, and set in Prague. We may even shoot this film very soon, so stay tuned. I really hope This film does come together as I feel i can really do a great job with it. And I feel like I need to repay Christopher Fowler's (the author) faith he has shown in me to make the film above other contenders.
Trivia fact: Guillermo Del Torro was originally going to direct Spanky a few years back and even conceptualized the whole film in artwork.
If you go see Hellboy2 look out for the creature with eyes in the wings. That was originally going to be in Spanky!

THE ACCIDENTAL SERIAL KILLER: Well, this film has grown from our early intentions to make a little film. The script Jason wrote is SO good that we are now talking with some interesting companies about making this in the UK. Will keep you posted!

And then there is BLOOD RED SKY.
About 3 weeks ago Jason and I were going to put together a very adult drama. It was all very worthy and interesting and challenging etc etc. Thing is. Neither of us were really 'into' it. It never made our heart pound like A.S.K. did.
Then, casually, one of us said during a meeting one evening "How about an alien invasion movie?" I'm not sure how serious it was intended, but both of our faces lit up like excited children.
Why are we fighting our natural instincts?
We quickly started gelling on all our favorite scary sci-fi horror films like THE THING, and we KNEW we had to do it.
So. That's where we are now.
A new adventure. Made in the same way I made Experiment (IE. with a lot of love and sweat, and little money).
But it's going to be one hell of a ride. You only live once though, right?
and did I mention "alien invasion"? Just typing those words makes me grin.

Finally, I'm fortunate to be attending INSIDE PICTURES this week. It's all about film and stuff, and is a brilliant networking opportunity, as well as a chance for me to shove A.S.K. under people's noses. I may even Blog about it if you behave yourselves.

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