Monday, 21 July 2008

To be, or not to be.

Attending Inside Pictures last week was great, but it was all about the business side of the film industry.
I found my brain wandering around into forgotten areas where it had not been before, like writing again.
I think it's a reaction. The need to do something creative, when you are faced with all that talk of gross profits and demographics.
But it's thrown up an odd question. What am I?
I know I'm a director. I've got the celluloid evidence to prove it.
But a writer? hmmm. thats altogether more tricky.
I've written scripts, mostly as a means to an end. But last year I decided to stop writing and concentrate on directing from other people's scripts, so that I can do what I'm best at.
Problem is, I miss it. I miss the creation of a new world and new characters and the limitless possibilities it can provide.
When you are making a movie, you are tied by budgets and logistics. But when writing such concerns are someone else's!
So. After last week, I decided to slip the word 'writer' back into my job title - Dan Turner: Writer/Director.
I guess I had better write something now!


Piers said...

Something I heard recommended a couple of years ago: you might want to consider making up two sets of business cards.

One set says: Dan Turner - Writer
Another says: Dan Turner - Director

That way you can choose the relevant one to hand out to the relevant person...

Dan Turner said...

sounds like a good idea sir!


Elinor said...

Are you drawn to write similar things to pieces you've directed?

Dan Turner said...

Actually Elinor, I'm increasingly drawn to try and write stuff I would not normally write. Like a third arm!!