Friday, 9 May 2008

'The one with the eyes'

With all the films we make, be they features shorts or mini-shorts, we also submit them to a number of festivals to widen their exposure and hopefully get some recognition for the work that went into them.

Look At Me (described recently by a TV producer as 'the one with the eyes') has been submitted to a mixture of prestigious film festivals and also some of our favorite genre festivals.

I'm very happy to say that our festival run kicks off in the UK with the Heart Of England Film Festival in June, closely followed by the films North American premiere at the Winnipeg International Film festival.

Winnipeg is very close to my heart because it was the first film festival I ever attended with the feature film Experiment.

Watching a 500 strong audience clap and cheer at the end of the screening and then collecting an award was a moving experience and one I will cherish forever. So for the festival to select Look At Me makes me very proud.

Winnipeg run an incredible film festival with such great facilities and it receives an incredible attendance, giving the really big festivals a run for their money.

Watch this space for more festival news!

In the meantime, anyone London-based can catch a screening of Look At Me at the Candid Projection Room on Tuesday May 13


Elinor said...

Fantastic Dan! I see over at Jason's that you're both off to Cannes. Have fun.

Dan Turner said...

Indeed we are.

I am currently eating as much cotton wool as i can manage in preperation

Elinor said...

Tsk...faddy diets.