Saturday, 3 May 2008

New beginnings

I've kind of gone all official.
It had to happen at some point I suppose!
I've got a dedicated website now. (yes, does sound rather pompous!) and now people can get their hands on my work in one place. It's got proper quality downloads and everything! I'm rather proud of it to be honest, but more importantly it means my work has a wider platform and can be seen in the best format that the web can currently offer.

This blog will be a continuation of my original intention, which is to chart the travails of an eager film and tv director.
You'll be able to read about the progress of projects that are completed and the ones that are in development.
And with luck, Jason and myself will finally reveal the elusive title of the enigma that is 'A.S.K.'

Until then. A handy survival guide...
1. Watch Doctor Who every Saturday night at 6.20, or 6.15, or 6.45, or 7.00pm (BBC's viewer-dodging scheduling)
2. Buy Cloverfield on DVD and watch it every day to remind yourself why its fun to be a film fan not just a filmmaker.
3. Buy Experiment on DVD from A brilliant thriller by er... me (sorry, the elves made me say that)
4. Drink as much alcohol as you feel is directly proportional to your talent. that way you will feel wonderfully talented as you are thrown out of the pub.
5. Become Ryan Seacrest.

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